Slotified Progressive Slots: A Guide to Playing

Mastering progressive slot machines calls for a unique set of abilities and traits. The size of progressive jackpots increases as players make bets at many slot machines. Figure out how to use them!

RTP & Variance of Progressive Slot Machines

Every gambler hopes to win the life-changing sums provided by progressive slots when they visit a land-based or virtual casino. Many competitors think they have a decent opportunity at taking home the jackpot and changing their lives forever.

This page provides a comprehensive reference to progressive jackpot slots, detailing how to win and how likely you are to win the various progressive jackpots. To get started, I recommend reading the Slotified slot jackpot guide, which provides an in-depth analysis of the many jackpots available in the realm of random-number-generator slot games.

Progressive Slots: What Are They?

The ever-increasing size of the jackpot is what sets progressive slots apart from others. Each time the reels are spun, a fraction of the player’s wager is added to the jackpot pool. A progressive jackpot increases in size as more individuals play the game.

Keep in mind that in the case of local progressive slots, the jackpot is accumulated from players’ wagers at several different machines. Every wager placed at a casino’s slot machines can be tallied for a single game. The cumulative number of spins on each machine results in a progressive jackpot of between $100,000 to $1,000,000 on average.

This slot machine software is linked via a central server in the case of wide-area network progressive slots. Picture this: the jackpot in one game is expanding as millions of players from around the world spin the reels. The sheer number of people who play these games means that they can easily top $10 million.

The jackpot prize for local progressive slots and those connected to a global network is the same. The large jackpot award resets to the minimum amount whenever a player takes home the maximum payout from a slot machine or the online version of a game. The amounts range from $10,000 to $1,000,000, depending on the slot. Mega Moolah states that Microgaming, the game’s developer, has guaranteed the latter sum.

Betting Minimums and Maximums

Slot machines demand players to make a certain minimum wage or bet to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. This is the highest possible wager or credit value for this spin.

You are still eligible for the slot’s additional features, including free spins and multipliers (if available), even if you do not satisfy the bet requirement. Progressive slots typically have lower RTP rates to account for the enormous jackpots, so playing without an eye on the top prize is a waste of time.

Causes of Progressive Jackpots

Although there are a variety of ways to win the jackpot on progressive slots, there are typically three that apply to the vast majority of games.

The Prize Spinner

Jackpot wheel mode is one of the most thrilling ways to earn progressive jackpot payments at slot machines. A jackpot wheel has many numbered slots and a stationary pointer in the middle. When the wheel stops, the money awarded from the slot where the pointer landed is given to you.

The mechanism is far more straightforward than a casino’s money wheel game, but winning the maximum payout is significantly more challenging. When a progressive slot machine’s jackpot is triggered by a wheel, the top prize is usually just one square out of many. Games like Mega Moolah are great because every other square pays out a progressive jackpot. As more individuals use the slot machine, the value of each award increases.

When it comes to other jackpot wheels, like NetEnt’s Mega Fortune, numerous wheels are used. The outer wheel is where you begin, with its monetary prizes and directional arrows. If you land on one of the arrow squares, you’ll progress into the inner wheel. To win the Mega Jackpot, you must land on all three arrow squares.

To gain access to the jackpot wheel, players must typically match bonus symbols while playing the game’s base game. Mega Fortune is a slot machine that uses this strategy; the bonus symbol is the jackpot wheel. The bonus round in Mega Moolah can be triggered at any time during the regular game.

Gather Matching Symbols

One of the other ways to win a jackpot prize is to gather a certain number of matching symbols. Typically, this is done by presenting you with several items in the form of a minigame. One of the prizes is hidden behind one of these items. When you get three of these, the game is over and you win one of the jackpots!

This type of progressive slot is used, for instance, in Hall of Gods. When the feature is activated, 15 shields will appear on the reels to protect the other symbols. When the shield is hit, one of three jackpot prizes or a cash award is revealed. The Mini and Midi jackpots are the only ones with a set value. The chance to participate in triggering the jackpot is what makes this method so exciting.

Games like Aristocrat’s Tiki Fire take the ‘collect symbols’ theme to a new level. The bonus round begins with three free spins when you get six or more Fireball symbols on a single reel. The fireball icon stores both fixed and progressive jackpots, as well as cash awards. Three additional spins are awarded when a Fireball lands on an empty spot. When the Fireball symbol appears on all reels, you win the progressive jackpot.

Consonant Symbols

Matching specific symbols on the reels is the tried-and-true method of increasing one’s chances of winning the jackpot. The idea is analogous to hitting the jackpot on a single pay line, 1×3 slot machine. Of course, given that we are discussing progressive slots, matching a specific symbol is not required.

Slots featuring this trigger include Super Bell Ringer, which features five separate progressive jackpots. Five Gold Bells anywhere on the 3×3 grid will award the minimum jackpot prize. To what extent can you maximise your take? The Gold Bell icon must be used to fill all nine available slots. If you are not using the maximum number of credits and you get 9 Bell symbols, you win one thousand times your bet.

Jackpots are typically triggered by players matching three or more symbols, and this method is still used in more traditional slot machines. The wheel, on the other hand, has developed into a reliable tactic for one simple reason: it generates excitement and tension that is difficult to achieve by matching or collecting slot symbols.

Odds of Hitting a Progressive Jackpot

Considering what it takes to win the maximum payout from a progressive slot machine, the odds of hitting the jackpot are somewhere between one in fifty million and sixty million. You have a one in fourteen million chance of winning the jackpot in a lottery game when you choose six numbers from a pool of forty-nine. You need to enter the bonus mode to increase your chances of winning the top prize. After that, you’ll need to win the grand prize from among the smaller versions of the jackpot and the instant cash rewards.

Methods for Winning at Modern Progressive Slot Machines

To win at jackpot slots, you’ll need to switch up your usual slot-playing tactics. This is because their software is significantly altered. Here are four progressive slot tactics to help you maximise your winnings.

Lower Limit Bet

Keep in mind that the maximum wager for winning the jackpot on some progressive slots can be lower than the bet on others. That’s right, you heard correctly. To win a fortune, you don’t have to bet the maximum amount. You can win the progressive jackpot at some slot machines by playing just the minimal stake.

The progressive jackpots in Might Cash do not require any sort of wagering requirement. Like Tiki Fire, you need to access the bonus mode by getting six Orb symbols anywhere on the reels to win the jackpot. If the Orb appears in every position on all five reels, the Grand Jackpot is yours.

Loss Capacity

Progressive slots are notorious for their poor return to player percentages and excessive variance. The odds of coming out ahead when playing these games are low, and you may lose your entire bankroll before you get the biggest jackpot. Setting a loss limit in advance will help you play more comfortably within your means. If you reach a predetermined bankroll limit, you should immediately end the game. You can also delight yourself at the casino by allocating a certain amount of money to progressive slots and a different amount to other games.

The Estimated Jackpot Prize

Find out what the bare minimum is for a progressive jackpot on the slots you’re interested in playing. Playing these slots when the jackpot resets is a wasted chance, even though the majority of progressive slots still feature a high minimum jackpot award of roughly $5,000 or more.

You should look for a progressive slot machine that has a jackpot worth at least two times your bet. You can avoid progressive slots with low minimum jackpots by researching them beforehand using either the casino’s database or the software developer’s website.

Slot machines with lower volatility and higher RTP are safer bets that pay out more frequently. The most played progressive slots typically feature the worst return to player percentages and the largest variance. There are, however, progressive slots with more favourable odds of winning.

Blueprint’s MegaBars Jackpot King is a great example of this kind of slot machine. The return to player percentage for MegaBars Jackpot King is 95.19%, and the game has a high to moderate amount of unpredictability. The progressive jackpot isn’t in the millions, but it’s still quite a bit of money for a moderate level of risk.

Tips for Winning a Progressive Jackpot

The primary distinction between progressive slots and traditional slots is the enormous and ever-increasing jackpot rewards. It takes a lot of luck to win these games, as you have to accomplish the most difficult goals, such as landing on a single place on a jackpot wheel or filling the reels with the bonus symbol. Playing progressive slots with a medium return to player percentage and moderate to high variance will improve your odds of winning the progressive jackpot. Now that you know more about these types of jackpots, try your luck at Slotified Online Casino.


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