Day: 10 November 2023


The Surprising Story Behind Oreos

Tracing the origin of the Oreo cookie takes us back to the late 19th century. In 1890, several New York City bakeries merged to form the New York Biscuit Company, which later joined forces with Chicago’s American Biscuit and Manufacturing. This merger birthed the National Biscuit Company, known today as Nabisco. The company’s headquarters remained […]

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Today I Found Out

The Origins of March Madness

The phenomenon of “March Madness,” a term synonymous with the excitement and frenzy of the NCAA basketball tournament, has its origins in early 20th-century high school basketball. It started in Illinois in 1908 with a modest high school boys’ basketball tournament. This event, though not initially known as “March Madness,” set the stage for the […]

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